Domaine Le Mieux

The Domaine Le Mieux Story

After purchasing the small See Canyon farm in 2006, Karen and Wayne Le Mieux were unexpectedly gifted with a bountiful apple crop. They gathered the Le Mieux family, young and old, to pick, press and produce both sweet and hard cider. Their “Apple Champagne" – Vin De Pomme – was born.

A Central Coast Treasure

At Domaine Le Mieux, we believe it’s important to preserve California’s apple orchards, and more importantly, the heritage of See Canyon in its pristine, natural form. Each time you chill and pop our delicious bubbly, know that your support is helping retain the natural beauty of California’s Central Coast.

Where Traditions Meet

During the holidays and other Le Mieux family gatherings, dinner always starts with a sparkling wine – such as Prosecco, Cava or Champagne. Just as these sparkling wines represent a celebration of life in Italy, Spain and France, we believe our Vin De Pomme is a celebration of a true American tradition – the apple.

Beyond the Grape

Determined to make an apple wine that is as interesting as a grape wine, we set on an adventure to learn about wine making and traditional Champagne techniques. Vin De Pomme is crafted from select apple varieties picked at the peak of ripeness. The unique See Canyon climate produces apples with exceptional balance and clarity.

Méthode Champenoise Naturelle (Traditional Champagne)

The wine is tiraged, aged, riddled, dosaged and fermented twice in the tradition of great French Champagne. The result is a smooth and delicate, pure artisan “Apple Champagne”.

Sons of the Unicorn

The Le Mieux family seal dates back to 1643, around the time when our ancestor – Gabriel Le Mieux – traveled from the coast of Normandy to New France (Quebec). It features a white unicorn holding a red apple between his forelegs, topped with a gold crown. Turns out, our Le Mieux predecessors identified not only with unicorns, but apples as well! Here we are, 367 years later and about 5,800 miles away, nestled in a canyon of apple orchards along the Central Coast of California. Yet, our family heritage lives on. Our Vin De Pomme beautifully embodies the symbols of both the unicorn and the apple. The descendants of Gabriel Le Mieux can rightly and proudly call themselves, “The Sons of the Unicorn”.

A Symbol of Purity

The unicorn was a fabulous animal generally depicted with the body and head of a horse, the hind legs of a stag, the tail of a lion, and a single horn. In the Middle Ages, it was a symbol of purity. Its twisted horn, similar to the narval tooth, was believed to detect the presence of venom or poison when dipped in liquid, hence the motto, "Tout venin la Licorne déjetant", which translates to “All venom the Unicorn detects”. Our Vin De Pomme is equally pure. We use only 100% locally grown See Canyon apples. Our trees bathe in warm sunlight, not chemical sprays or pesticides.